Starting with key terms and concepts for the good of all…

Legislative includes lawgivers, governing bodies and people who deliberate and see to the enactment of laws governing a nation. While government is defined as by the people, of the people and of the people.
Historically, bills are usually passed for consideration or deliberation with careful consideration of the need of the people and useful as vehicles for promoting social justice and economic development.


A Bill, to start with, is a type of legislative document. A bill is a proposed legislation under consideration by a legislative and only becomes law once passed by the legislature. The end result of a bill enacted into law is known as Act or Statute.Bills finally are hoped to become acts which explains why it is usually publicised and promoted for people who will be practising the act to understand its rudiment.

Now that we understand what a bill is, it can be said that #90Bill is unique as it is sponsored by the people and for the people. It is an act of the people gained from years of practice and observation that is simply being made legal. Over the years, the likes of Kanu, Dangote, Azikwe, Akuyili of NAFDAC, Chimamanda, Asa, TYBello and the list could continue, have all demonstrated that quality and productivity are the driving factors and secret to success. Making success the fabric of a nation is making the secret of success becoming the norm. It includes accepting and giving support to one another to ensure quality. It involves conjuring the access to productivity embedded in each man. It involves systematically wiping out zeros who call themselves terrorists and NigerDeltaAvengers for example. So giving the secret of success as a general formula to citizens empowers them to be both self-accountable, socially-accountable and productive.

#90Bill states that “It is your right as Nigerian to give 100% quality and take no less than 9/10  as a Nigerian in every way“. It summarises as the Right of a Nigerian to Productivity and Quality. It is henceforth a 9 by 10 rule. It also implies that a Nigerian taking any less is simply being cheated and that’s a social crime while giving anything less than quality in productivity rids you of your right as a Nigerian. The other implication is destructive acts such as terrorism, vandalism, murder, rape, etc. already criminalised by the rule of law according to constitution renders such people “Zeroes”. While Nigerians who continually give their best in making the nation a better place should be known as “Heroes”. Therefore, the A.B.C. of the #90Bill is P.Q.R. Productivity, Quality and Responsibility.Frequently Asked Questions received so far concerning #90Bill.

Question: For example….will the bill hold Arik Air accountable to pay me for inconvenience if my flight is delayed for 24 hours without information, apology and monies for inconvenience for giving me less than 90% quality of service?
Answer: Exactly! Yes. This is why this is a push for #90Bill to be pushed and passed into daily lifestyle of Nigerians by Nigerians themselves.

Question: How can you measure quality?
Answer: Simple! If you see quality, won’t you know? Remember, if anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.

James 4:17 NIV

Question: Is there a place where we can see or understand what #90Bill is?Answer: Reason for asking for help from all those who know the secret to success to publicise it loud and clear. #90Bill- The Right of a 9gerian to give and ask for more; the Right to Quality and Productivity. Please find link to write ups and kindly search the trail to #90Bill both on Twitter and Facebook

Question: So what does this act that is in form of a bill for now imply for a common Nigerian?
Answer: First, this law doesn’t permit you to call a Nigerian common. A Nigerian accepts only quality names because that’s being 9gerian! Even disabled people are called special people. And yes! It’s asking the likes of APC, Buhari of 2016 and ruling officials to be accountable to the change they promised. Yes! It’s asking Lagos, for a start, as the Centre of Excellence to prove it’s worth by continually promoting productivity and quality from the grassroots. Yes! It’s asking me and yourself to rise to our individual capacity and say no to mediocrity or slacking. Even God hates slackers and sluggards. Proverbs 21:25 NIV Many remember Moses not reaching the promise land because of a single moment of slacking. The Israelites of Bible times know best to explain how 40 days became 40 years to destroy those who slacked in faith in the wilderness. We saw how slacking VC has made University of Ibadan a place of riot and unrest and is being asked to leave. See #OlayinkaMustGo.

Question: So who will I report to?
Answer: Look for laws and standards regulations that support your claim and then begin to tell every Nigerian you meet, not zeros o. Tell them you need to demand for quality as a Nigerian and nothing less. The Nigerian Constitution accords you Right to Quality Life. This is simply enacting how in the minds of people. You rally fellow true Nigerians to send letters and walk to PHCN and ask to be cut off their epileptic supply for not giving you quality. Actively demand for quality. For instance, temporarily imagine 80 million people refused epileptic power supply and rather used natural solar energy in the afternoon, cook using biomass, candles at night, reduce active use of electric gadgets and see if MTN, Glo and the likes won’t ask for electricity to become constant. No strikes. That is non-Nigerian as it is giving a zero yourself. Actively provide quality solution and seek alternatives. Become independent. Nigerians always find a way. Social criminals are terrible to have in the society. Avoid being one.


#90Bill is asking for customers to be treated right. It’s asking for suppliers to deliver quality. It’s asking for Nigerians to stand up and demand for their right. It is asking a Nigerian to be the solution and not the problem. So keep saying it and saying it until each person gets uneasy with mediocrity so much so that quality performance and productivity will become the new normal. Please if you still need more explanation, the 9gerian right beside you will be glad to explain more.
In essence, #90Bill is we all as a government and a people passing a bill that promotes efficiency, quality, accountability, performance and productivity as a norm. Imagine if Jonathan, Obasanjo, policemen, traders, all works of life, all and sundry, you and me and even our new leader, his Excellency prided in always delivering quality such that you as a Nigerian can boldly praise someone who is helping you that he/she is a true Nigerian and tell someone who is giving you problem that he/she is a social criminal and not a 9gerian.
Please feel free to take ownership of #90Bill and promote the Right to >90% Quality, Productivity and Accountability.
Ask someone who maltreats you, answer saying, “Haven’t you heard of #90Bill, it makes you a social criminal when you do not give quality”. Or someone does something good, you say, “Thank you, you are a true 9gerian, not a criminal“.

Wonuola Olawale
Reporting live for #90Bill