Gate wide and Way deep…

​It is written in the scriptures that: strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it (Matt 7:14)
There is therefore a gate, and a way. A gate is a crisis point, requiring one to pass through. You are either on this side of the gate, or the other side. Passing through a gate is not a gradual process, it occurs at once. A way on the other hand, is traversed gradually. Walking on a way does not occur at once. Rather, we make progress over time. We have gate experiences and way experiences. And both are essentially different, though connected. 
For instance: when we are faced with the vicissitudes of life, or when someone comes with problems of theirs; we may feel they have a long way to go concerning that particular aspect of life, but it is not always so- sometimes all that is required is an encounter, or an experience and voila- they are on the next level. In that instance, it is a gate before us, not a way. And the kind of counsel needed has to do with us understanding certain ‘key’ things. It does happen the other way too- mistaking a way for a gate, and banging on it instead of walking on.
Now to the point: in walking with God- there is a gate, and there is a way. And which one comes first is debatable, but from the scripture above- the gate first, then the way. And there is the hymn that says Jesus yielded His life an atonement for sin and opened the life-gate that all may go in. At the gate is Christ, at the gate is the Cross, at the gate the Lamb was slain, and our sins forgiven, and guilt rolled away. At the gate Christ met us- He loved us, He took us unto Himself. He died for us and rose again. When He died, we died with Him, and when He rose, were raised together. 
If anyman is in Christ therefore- He is a new creature. The gate is not about what we have done or what we should do, but about what God has done in Christ. Changes here are instantaneous. God has done everything in Christ, and then put us in Him. The moment we believe it, we receive it, and we become it- not in a hidden way, but manifestly. It is credited to our account as righteousness. 
Therefore at the gate we are free, at the gate there is therefore now no condemnation, at the gate old things are passed away, at the gate all things are become new, at the gate we have passed from death to life, at the gate we are a new creation, at the gate we have been healed by His stripes, at the gate we are seated with Christ in heavenly places. It does not occur gradually- but if anyman is in Christ, He is- not that he will be, but he is. Not that old things are passing away, but they have. Not that all things are becoming new- but they have. 
That is the strait gate. 
When people ‘give their lives to Christ’ over and over again thinking they did not do it well the previous time, or because the meeting is intense, or because of the things they have done since the last time they received Christ. When we rededicate our lives to God several times, and confess sins and ask for forgiveness regularly, especially before bed- jolted and even scared by messages of the appearing or coming of Christ and messages of hell. When we feel guilt about past sins and even go ahead to say things like ‘we are all sinners, except for the blood of Jesus.’ When we are always stumbling over the same sins and repenting of them.
-We are trying to walk upon the way without acknowledging that there is a gate to pass through. It will never work. We would need to know that what happened to us at the gate. Without the gate, we will try to make heaven- an impossibility in itself.  Until we see the gate, progress upon the way will be difficult to impossible, and we will keep going back to start point- repenting again, starting again instead of moving on to perfection.
And what is more? Sometimes we focus on the gate, and forget the way. We claim everything has been already done. 

Faith is both he who comes to God and he who diligently seeks Him. A W Tozer says to have found God and to pursue him is the sweet paradox of Christianity.

Sometimes we don’t know the difference between where we are seated, where we are walking, and where we are standing. We forget that while we are seated with Christ in heavenly places, we are pressing towards the mark for the prize of the upward call of God in Him. And that while our seating position is fixed on high, it does not change the fact that progress has to be made here in this realm. Those who pass through the gate must be prepared to walk the way. 
At the gate God found us, on the way we find Him. At the gate- God loved us, on the way we love Him. At the gate- we are planted in Christ, on the way Christ is expressed through us. At the gate victory is delivered, but on the way battles will be fought. At the gate inheritance has been entrusted, but on the way the heirs will be tested. At the gate- we are forgiven, on the way- we must forgive others. At the gate- we are perfected, on the way- we learn perfection. At the gate- we are born again, on the way- we live again. At the gate- we repent out of guilt, on the way- we repent out of relationship. At the gate, faith is received…on the way we add to our faith. At the gate- the Cross carries us…On the way we carry our cross. At the gate- Christ is the Author of our faith, and on the way- He is the Finisher 
That is the narrow way.
P.S. this thought pattern of the Christian walk was borne of one of Watchman Nee’s sermons: a gate and a way.

#90Bill explained

​As written by one of the co-supporters of the #90Bill: 

The #90Bill seeks improvement through personal development. While Nigerians are quick to point at the poor services rendered. We don’t see the fact that the poor quality of services we receive is an effect of the poor services we also deliver, indeed there are few who think beyond themselves. For instance, while I was in the University of Benin I had a roommate who said while in secondary school his teacher had asked them to pick melon seeds while they were supposed to be learning. Now this teacher had just acted as a Zero. I imagine the teachers complaining on the poor performance of the student in their exams and perhaps that he grew up to become a nuisance, my question is what right has such a teacher to complain? If when he had the time and chance to make an impact, he chose to be poor in delivery? This is just an example using our so called Educational sector (if we have any though).  In the same manner, the effect of poor services runs in the society. Sometime ago, I was on a bike and we were stopped by some zeroes (“area boys”) who demanded local government permit fee. Amazingly the bike rider asked the man, “how work?”. And then I wondered what work the “collector” was doing. Now, I am not against him collecting this money. But then, the money is collected and spent on personal gains and the customers are to bear the pain and are even mistreated by the drivers (delayed movement, increase in transport fare like I witness a keke rider telling me that the fare has increased because the chairman has increased his money). So my first point of emphasis is this; every Nigerian has the right to be served right in the same way every Nigerian has an obligation to serve right and we must know when we don’t act right in service the effect comes back to us. 

Secondly, service delivery is the bed rock of national development. A lot of failures in Nigeria can be traced to inadequate service delivery. So I propose that all employers (private or government) provide the basic requirements needed for their employees to effectively deliver quality service and I propose also that public officers especially elected officers are barred from seeking medical care abroad. Instead let them ensure that our hospitals are well equipped. And in the event where they fail to do so, adequate sanctions should follow suit. Also, employees should be enlightened on the ABCs of quality service delivery. I think at this point, it is safe to say that the organisation servicom created by the Olusegun Obasanjo administration comes into play. It was saddled with the responsibility of ensuring every Nigerian is served right and also training of employees on how to serve right. Permit me to say that SERVICOM has failed in everyway. But this act should be taken beyond the walls of Abuja to the streets, offices, markets in Nigeria enlightening the people on the mishaps of poor service delivery.

Also, the bill should contain the principle of quality service delivery, mechanism for determining 90%, receiving complaints and ensuring they are adequately dealt with.

Lastly, democracy is government of the people, for the people, by the people. This puts emphasis on the fact that the government is the people. So if our representatives fail to deliver quality service then we have the right to reject their service and provide the basic needs for ourselves. For instance, I dream of a time when graduates in our nations will not complain of the rot in our educational system but will give themselves to saving the system. Imagine if we marched to classes with the public school students drmonstrating how we need to help them learn. Imagine if we changed our outdated curricula that our beloved ministry of education has refused to change. Imagine if teachers are also given targets as private banks give their staffs. Imagine if the old will help challenge the innovative minds of the young. Imagine if our schools spent good time learning for today, tomorrow and not yesterday. We can close down the public schools and train our kids at home if they decide to keep been poor. We can disconnect Eko distribution company. We can generate our power as a united community locally. We must help the service “deliverers” realise that the people hold the power and without the people their service is of no good. They must learn that we can serve ourselves right but that is only when we are united.

In getting people to sign the bill I think we’ll have to work out how they tend to gain from the bill, humans will always follow after a bill that promises them something in return and then also find a way to bring it across their eyes. Make them understand that to every service that has been delivered poorly there is a better alternative, we need to help them see the viable alternatives; how communities can generate their own power supply and not run personal generators. So I think in driving the bill, we carry the alternatives along. That translates to intense research on what alternatives there is. And that we pursue its implementation ONE sector at a time.

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world of impossibilities

I’m laying down on the lawn outside my room tired and exhausted in all sense. I hear this still voice tell me, “fear not”. I think of the many dreams I have and simply summarise them as impossible. I know right? How can i think of making the world a better place than I met it? How can you? What am I thinking? What are you thinking?

They say impossible is nothing but nothing is actually possible as it is. Look at the trees grow. I’m staring into one plant’s face right now. Don’t know what it’s called, but it’s growing. How is that possible? The 11 birds that just flew past, what the heck! How is that possible? Some freaky guys thought man should fly high up in the skies and holy molly, we got even moon shuttles! How is that possible? Some other guys thought sound should go through some metal wires wrapped in plastic and called it earpiece? How did that happen? How is it possible that man would conquer horses and ride them and then think it wiser to be in cars? Or the clothes I’m wearing? How is that possible?

We live in a world of impossibilities. You just have to admit it. That’s what we are. For with God, nothing is too difficult. That’s why everything impossible becomes possible! I’m simply impossible! Don’t you get it? You won’t! I forgot. It’s impossible in a world of impossibilities! The next time you say that word or the opposite, think again!

Planes were impossible!

Phones were impossible!

Internet was impossible!

#90Bill is impossible!

Biclex is impossible!

I AM impossible!

Living in the world of impossibilities…*winks*

#90Bill Heroes not Zeros

Second Announcement

#90Bill gained public momentum on the 1st of June, 2016.

By 2nd of June, #90Bill of the public, funded by the public, sponsored for the public pronounced  Oluwasegun Neto as true Nigerian and First 9gerian Private Hero 2016. 

22nd August signifies the day we pronounce Mikel Obi as true Nigerian and celebrate him as 9gerian Public Hero 2016. For his resilience and will to getting the best possible. This act won Nigeria an Olympic medal at Rio 2016 regardless the neglects and several excuses for failure.

Celebrate him and remember #90Bill states that It is your right as Nigerian to give 100% quality and take no less than 9/10  as a Nigerian in every way”. It summarises your Right as a Nigerian to Productivity, Quality and Responsibility.

What this also implies is that it is socially criminal to invest or buy elsewhere when a 9gerian can give more than 90% quality performance and more criminal to give less than 90% quality. Take 90, Give 90. You are hereby publicly declared 9gerian.

With tweet having over a thousand retweets and >9/10 creativity and ingenuity, Mikel Obi has the right to invoke the #90Bill in his future transactions and stop “shit” from repeating. It is your Right to Productivity and Quality. Congratulations John Michael Obinna and congratulations also to the team.

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Really? Gambling disaster…

They say life is a gamble. But whose life? One with divine origin or one rooted in doubt, foolishness and laziness? For a second, take a look at the shared link and see why you can stop saying that and see the impending disaster if not nipped in the bud immediately.

It’s robbing Paulinine and Petertons to pay Wemy literally.​

My life and yours is not a gamble, it’s intentional! My thoughts aloud…

Or what say ye?


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#IdeaChallenge 1

Formulate original recipe, prepare and sell Biscuits with zero fat and zero sugars and zero artificial sweeteners, yet delicious to allow healthy snacking.

I can’t wait to hear from your end and see what you’ve got!

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#90Bill Heroes not Zeroes

First Announcement

#90Bill gained public momentum on the 1st of June, 2016.

By 2nd of June, #90Bill of the public, funded by the public, for the public hereby pronounce Oluwasegun Neto as Nigerian and First 9gerian Private Hero 2016.


What this implies is that it is socially criminal to invest or buy elsewhere when a 9gerian can give more than 90% quality performance and more criminal to give less than 90% quality. Take 90, Give 90. You are hereby publicly declared 9gerian.

Celebrate him and remember #90Bill states that “It is a social crime to give less than 90% quality or take less than 9/10  as a Nigerian in every way“. It summarises your Right as a Nigerian to Productivity and Quality.

With Video having over 9,000 views (click link to see his video) and >9/10 creativity and ingenuity, Oluwasegun Neto has the right to invoke the #90Bill in his business. The Right to Productivity and Quality. Congratulations!

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