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#90Bill Heroes not Zeroes

First Announcement

#90Bill gained public momentum on the 1st of June, 2016.

By 2nd of June, #90Bill of the public, funded by the public, for the public hereby pronounce Oluwasegun Neto as Nigerian and First 9gerian Private Hero 2016.


What this implies is that it is socially criminal to invest or buy elsewhere when a 9gerian can give more than 90% quality performance and more criminal to give less than 90% quality. Take 90, Give 90. You are hereby publicly declared 9gerian.

Celebrate him and remember #90Bill states that “It is a social crime to give less than 90% quality or take less than 9/10  as a Nigerian in every way“. It summarises your Right as a Nigerian to Productivity and Quality.

With Video having over 9,000 views (click link to see his video) and >9/10 creativity and ingenuity, Oluwasegun Neto has the right to invoke the #90Bill in his business. The Right to Productivity and Quality. Congratulations!

Reporting live for #90Bill
Wonuola Olawale



Nominations are by public votes.
Be a #90Bill Hero not Zero.

Create Energy Resources Technology

Energy 1004

The forms, types and energy transfer mediums or conversion platforms are the main focus for this discourse. Recall the main societal dysfunctions that has been created as a result of poor power and energy management systems in place. These issues therefore call for provocative proactive-thinking minds that would understand the right questions and deal prudently consequently. So, in essence, the focus has not been lost. Rather, the target is closer. “Educated” minds, prudent energy-users and power managers who from the wisdom of well-articulated and interpreted dreams of what energy truly is remain the purpose.
What energy is can be summed up as all enabling factors, effects, property or … this has been deduced so far. (Energy 1001-3). Abilities to do…power. Enabler to do…Energy. Kachiko?
Before any dramas begin, forms and types can be two confusing mostly-swapped words. Forms refer to shape, characteristics, behavioural assumptions possibly taken by an identity or entity. Types, however, indicate grouping based on shared characteristics. Now forms: you know. Types: you also now know. Transfer medium: I know that you can know. Guess first medium? You and anything you so please. Conversion platforms: some already know. Exactly! Same goes for platforms. Mass, Energy and Light, the triangle of the universe. This is my theory for everything.
That’s it!
From Wonuola,
Your friend-in-ink.

Create Energy Resources Technology

Energy 1003

We finally trashed out the physical cognisance of energy besides how asking the right questions matter. So our priority becomes the usefulness of energy as a “property”. Was discussing with one of my elite friends and something about ranking countries in terms of energy capacity and use came up. I could almost correlate three things almost without thinking. Wealth, Energy and Management. I wish the agenda had country-promotion, would have told you the top ranking countries in energy use and you could almost naturally tell me the wealthiest nations. But sorry, had to strike that off. (see links: and Anyway, property undermines ownership. You can own energy? Did I hear that question too? If proof to creation or destruction is the inherent law we have been told about energy, how can an entrepreneur who has been told of creativity all his life make anything of this? That’s why the next pointers couldn’t be left out. “Transfer” and “conversion”. These are intricate behaviours of energy. So fear not, platforms for transfer and conversion is possible. Need I say I am of the opinion that energy can be created and destroyed? Maybe I should keep that to myself until I come up with infallible proof. Least considered is the Einstein’s theory of mass, light and energy. Except someone can now refer to mass as a form of energy and then that would still prove my point. I obviously got distracted there. Back to the matter. Energy transfer requires a medium. That’s what you were thinking too, right? Conversion demands a known form and a desired output. That’s what informed energy transfer and conversion implies. All these require the knowledge of energy forms, types, transfer processes and conversion techniques. Bear in mind the other fact that no single definition exists. So we can continually explore different descriptions. Remember Wikipedia had to say that. So for now, we have dealt with the pointers from definition one.
The major highlights include understanding the energy forms, types, transfer mediums and conversion processes. Again, the reference to energy efficiency was intent on forward thinking and mind-storms not brain this time. So next time we’re having our heart-to-heart, that should be most of it. Energy forms, types, mediums, processes for conversion and transfer. In short, energy management. Wisdom involves optimising understanding, hence the need for knowledge provision and pointers to utility. So, WHAT is Energy?

-yours in ink,
(feeling comfy in the ink with you these days)

Create Energy Resources Technology

Energy 1002

You know what? I really don’t know if to keep writing this…
Had to search high and low on the net to see what is thought of as a right definition. Just the other time, dealing with inefficiencies in power and energy management was the focus. The idea of fully understanding the concept of energy in itself led to this. What is energy? How come it has to be managed? What does inefficiency in its use mean? What are the consequences of mismanagement or inefficient management? It’s still the same story we’re saying. What is energy?
So if energy is the same capacity to do work that you know, does it mean some have no capacity? Or what type of work are we even talking about? Is that why there is no “work”? Who knows? Maybe… Even if there was a job, what is the capacity to do it? is that energy? All these questions I’m sure are too much if there’s no answer, right? But think about it, google could simply give you an answer, so why are you reading this blog right now? I guess to seek the right question this time. So let’s get at it!
Aside the energy company ads that came up, the first definition that was encountered what quite amazing. Not like it was strange. It only shone in a different light. I guess UV light this time. We’ll talk about light some other time. Don’t get too excited just yet. Okay, so it reads and I quote, “In physics, energy is a property of objects which can be transferred to other objects or converted into different forms. The “ability of a system to perform work” is a common description, but it is difficult to give one single comprehensive definition of energy because of its many forms.”- Wikipedia.
Some pointers, “physics” was used as base study area. it was referred to as a “property”. I guess the undermines the need for management. You all know that fact already. “Transfer” and “conversion” are intricate behaviours of energy. It then describes the common description just as we’ve discussed. What is funny is the acknowledgement that no single definition exists…tada! Even wikipedia had to tell you? Anyways, now you see why this module is important.
It’s time to deal with pointer one. Area of physics. Why physics? Why not chemistry, mathematics, English or Philosophical area definition? Well, it’s simple. The physical realm feels the most impact of energy. Energy, not girls this time, runs the world. (apologies to the female folks)
Ouch! Just passed “my” word limit for the day. I guess you’ve caught on something this time. Next module, Energy 1003 should deal with the pointers and hence throw more light on what energy is really. You can check this out for now. Notice how your mind questions the true definition of energy.

-yours in ink,
(someone requested I sign out that way)

Create Energy Resources Technology

Energy 1001

Many developing countries are consistently ridiculed by the inefficiencies and disabilities proven in the area of power and energy management. Infrasctructural equipment of the society is sometimes the least of the worries.

160229160154-africa-view-electricity-spc-00000926-exlarge-169Human capacity development and wealth creation seems mostly the focus in a situation where poverty below certain dollars per person per day is clearly defined and exampled. The school of thought that prioritizes the mind enablement is usually true to its education support system. But oops, when education is defined by the beautiful paper you get when done, rather than the experience and learning that outcomes, you sure bet this line of consideration is simply getting nowhere with no action in place. 96c1de1bf5bcdfa33ae510b6fa224b7dUnemployment and underemployment, both fancy names for “no job” quickly permeates the heart of many as it seems true that there is actually no workplace or office space available for all. Usually, one should recommend entrepreneurship as everyone or maybe anyone can become a “boss” as fast as possible. But then again, sad as it sounds, the “Standard oils” will always rise, capitalise on the wisdom, foolishness and loopholes created by ignorance and “incapable” minds. It’s a vicious cycle! I know right?
Back to the same place we started. Energy and power management. Improve education. Well, there’s almost no capital- both human and financial, no constant energy supply for an enabling environment to learn all you can. Okay, forget about that, what about entrepreneurship? Allow vocational studies, trade-learning, and business development strategies. But there’s no infrastructure, or cheap form of constant and environmentally-safe energy systems in place. All said and done, think of any nation that grew without any dominant source of energy and efficient management system in place. None is the country!

So what then is energy?
Capacity of a physical system to do work is a common definition of energy. Is that all that there is? Start a read at and please join me next on Energy 1002: What really is Energy?


Create Energy Resources


The way we see things… perception
The way things are… reality
The way we think things should be… values
Get it all right, and you are well on your way somewhere
Oh! I mean get to know what exactly it is cos really for you to be holding on to them in the first place, there was something

Energy Technology

Energy abstract?

The ability to do work- energy. Is that it? “Canness” to do work? Ability? As in being able? Ability, the abstract noun? Does that imply energy too is abstract? An abstract noun can only be observed with no interaction with the five senses- sight, smell, sound, feel or taste. What powers these senses or organs to even do their “work”? Did someone just answer some form of chemical energy stored in the nervous system? Hmmm…

Well, no intention to stir an argument for or against the “abstractness” of energy. This is simply a pointer; there’s so much to the word energy when you think about it. Able to think of a world or your world without energy? I guess not! You even needed the ability to do the work of thinking- creative energy.

In short, the idea is… think energy, think ability.