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Energy 1003

We finally trashed out the physical cognisance of energy besides how asking the right questions matter. So our priority becomes the usefulness of energy as a “property”. Was discussing with one of my elite friends and something about ranking countries in terms of energy capacity and use came up. I could almost correlate three things almost without thinking. Wealth, Energy and Management. I wish the agenda had country-promotion, would have told you the top ranking countries in energy use and you could almost naturally tell me the wealthiest nations. But sorry, had to strike that off. (see links: and Anyway, property undermines ownership. You can own energy? Did I hear that question too? If proof to creation or destruction is the inherent law we have been told about energy, how can an entrepreneur who has been told of creativity all his life make anything of this? That’s why the next pointers couldn’t be left out. “Transfer” and “conversion”. These are intricate behaviours of energy. So fear not, platforms for transfer and conversion is possible. Need I say I am of the opinion that energy can be created and destroyed? Maybe I should keep that to myself until I come up with infallible proof. Least considered is the Einstein’s theory of mass, light and energy. Except someone can now refer to mass as a form of energy and then that would still prove my point. I obviously got distracted there. Back to the matter. Energy transfer requires a medium. That’s what you were thinking too, right? Conversion demands a known form and a desired output. That’s what informed energy transfer and conversion implies. All these require the knowledge of energy forms, types, transfer processes and conversion techniques. Bear in mind the other fact that no single definition exists. So we can continually explore different descriptions. Remember Wikipedia had to say that. So for now, we have dealt with the pointers from definition one.
The major highlights include understanding the energy forms, types, transfer mediums and conversion processes. Again, the reference to energy efficiency was intent on forward thinking and mind-storms not brain this time. So next time we’re having our heart-to-heart, that should be most of it. Energy forms, types, mediums, processes for conversion and transfer. In short, energy management. Wisdom involves optimising understanding, hence the need for knowledge provision and pointers to utility. So, WHAT is Energy?

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By Wonuola Olawale

Its all about human sustainability and energy.
Meet WonuOla.OlaWale. She is a social energy entrepreneur. She loves God and his people. She blogs to help "idea" young minds i.e. inspire.develop.employ.activate. She was the Business Intelligence Director/Initiator, now Board Chairperson of her own company, Sixters Energy. She also worked as a Project Manager for RootHub, a fast growing entrepreneurial hub community while she served as a Research Personnel with the University of Uyo in service to her country Nigeria. She has had several international experiences including working with Chevron, interfacing with Shell, and worked on international energy projects across the globe including CCS- carbon capture and sequestration in the United Kingdom, Flow Assurance in China and Enhanced Oil Recovery projects in the United States. She enjoys reading, smiling and meeting people. She's an advocate of gender equity and not equality. An avid supporter of non-stereotypes and a lifestyle of excellence. She is who you want to talk to in developing lasting solutions in the field of energy and human sustainability.

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Do keep this up. I like the mind storm part extremely creative and shows that the requirement for energy management is minds not just brains. I’ll stop here for now. Peace.


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