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I hardly publish another man’s work except it meets all the criteria of vision, likeness and “edutainment”. Even though I don’t always fully align with all the tiny fractions I have put in quoted “italics”, I still hope you enjoy this bit.


So by this time tomorrow, Neymar will get his first alert of 248 million naira. And every Thursday, like “drug money“, it will be dropping like that! Chaiii, that one is too much oh, but “what is the guy playing self”?

Well, it is no longer news that last week Thursday, August 3rd, 2017, one of the biggest contract ever in the history of world football was signed. Neymar Da Silva Santos Junior officially signed for Paris Saint Germain from Spanish giant Barcelona after they met his buyout clause of €222M. Hours later the news of his weekly earnings of about €515,000 or 248 million naira broke the internet. I will be the last person to dispute if Neymar is worth all that money because I have watched the guy and I can tell that he is good. He is talented, his dribbling skill, finishing, ease of taking defenders one-on-one and the shooting accuracy with both feet are all admirable, but above all these Neymar is simply a very strong and saleable brand. By Sunday, when PSG line up against Guingamp FC Neymar will get the first chance to show the watching world (will you watch the match?) why PSG is paying that much for his signature.

The ideal scenario will be for Neymar to open his account with a hat trick in that match and win the man of the match – and that is exactly what I wish him. But most amazing, most confusing and perhaps now annoying about that contract is what Nigerians have made out of it here at home. Most of us have misrepresented not just the worth but the significance and implications of that deal. Most social media users (including professionals) have made serious attempts to demean ‘education’ by comparing the monetary rewards that it offers to what football offers. I heard that A is no longer for Apple and B is no longer for Book. I understand that the new way of teaching children ABCD (in Nigeria) is to let them understand that A is for Attack, B is for Back pass, C is Control the Ball, D is for Defence and indeed every single footballing terminology is now used in learning the English Alphabet, and at the end of the day the lesson to the child is simple – you must play football whether you like it or not.

But I think that is dangerous, we can’t promote this ideology as a nation otherwise I am afraid of what the future holds. We will not be doing our generation any good if we encourage them to ignore education for the pursuit of money. Of course, you should know that I am a key promoter of the fact that going to university is completely useless if it is all about the degree, but for God’s sake how can someone who is actually a graduate want to make it look as if it is all about the degree? In the first place why is the emphasis not on “what Neymar can do” but on the fact that he doesn’t have WAEC result? Is PSG paying him that money because he didn’t go to school or because he has proved himself competent enough in his chosen career? I think the emphasis should rather be on what someone can do rather than his academic qualifications otherwise all those without a secondary education will easily be earning like Neymar already. Don’t be deceived. 248 million naira per week is massive, in fact it is out of this world and you only get a better understanding of how big it is worth when you compare it with the average salary of a first class graduate here in Nigeria. You know you will need to earn 1 million naira average salary for 20 years and 8 months to hit that figure(bro when will you retire?), but guys, let’s still not blow it out of proportion because there is another comparison.

Now, if Neymar without a WAEC result (according to those who claim to know) earns 248 million per week, how much does Bill Gates (who actually went as far as Harvard) earn? Mind you, Bill Gates went to school as far as Harvard, the whole talk of him dropping out is widely misrepresented. He didn’t drop out because he was not good enough, he didn’t drop out because he was irresponsible, in fact he had a meeting with the school authority when it became obvious that he needed more time to work on the Microsoft idea and in his exact words he told the school that he was going on a ‘leave of absence’ and should return if the idea failed to work as planned. He didn’t leave the school empty, he left with the knowledge he had acquired, he left having made friends and built a network of like minds, he left having access to mentors from the school (for me, these are some of the most important reasons of going to university in the first place, and not just for that paper called certificate). With that knowledge and skill acquired directly or indirectly by going to school, Bill Gates was able to build Microsoft and in 2013 he earned 11.5 billion dollars in a single year. That figure would give you 1.38 million dollars per hour. What it means is that the 248 million naira Neymar earns in a week is what Bill Gates earns in 30 minutes. Don’t be deceived. Why would I rather be a Bill Gates than a Neymar? Why would I rather point my kids to Bill Gates than to Neymar? It is simple.

If you go by the figures, you have already seen it above. If you want to look at the future, then you will know that Neymar is 25 today, but will he still be playing football at this level at 35? What if in an unfortunate situation where he breaks his leg tomorrow (no one prays for that, but it does happen), that will be the end of everything, football doesn’t even provide for pension or gratuity. But “Gates can sleep for the rest of his life” and the billions will keep flowing because alert has been set on auto run, he has ‘programmed’ his business directly into his bank account – with his knowledge (you need education to set up that kind of system).

What if you are looking at relevance and significance, how many millionaires have Neymar made or will he ever make in his lifetime? Bill Gates has made 3 billionaires and over 12,000 millionaires. I asked someone what Neymar will do with this money, and he said Neymar already has a private jet, now is the time to get a yacht and start paying for the penthouse of all the 5-star hotels in the world. Do you think someone who is well schooled will choose to spend the money that way? Don’t be deceived. Education is still the key, education is still superior, “education has birthed technology and technology is where the money is and not football“. The most valuable club in the world according to Forbes 2017 rating is Manchester United and they are worth a whopping 3.69 billion dollars to edge both Barcelona and Real Madrid. But how whopping is that compared with the worth of Apple, Google, or Microsoft? In fact the total worth of the top 20 football clubs in the world (including Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, PSG, Arsenal, Manchester City, Juventus, Liverpool) is 29.6 billion dollars. Mark Zuckerberg can simply pull out a cheque from his back pocket and buy those 20 clubs without even discussing with the board of Facebook (that sounds like an insult but that is the fact). That is how powerful ideas are, that is how powerful knowledge can be, that is how powerful education can be. What would you rather choose for your child? Don’t be deceived.

The standard of education in Nigeria has dropped so badly that it is beginning to lose its relevance, but rather than turn our backs on it completely, rather than encourage our children not to go to school, rather than insult it the more, we should champion a course on how to make it what it ought to be and more attractive. We should teach our children the real importance of education and not just to come out and get a good job. Trends are changing, the world has evolved and our educational system must evolve and not allowed to dissolve. Don’t be deceived. Send your children to good school if you can afford it, and after that allow him or her the freedom of choice and if he or she chooses to play football he will be buying football clubs and earning 10x what Neymar earns today. I choose to go to school, learn how to build and buy existing businesses. “I choose to go to school, learn how to employ the grace God has given me to serve humanity“. I choose to go to “school” and learn how best my ideas can be a solution to the problems of the society. What do you choose, for yourself and for your kids? Don’t be deceived.

Written and copyrighted by ©Kachi Ogbonna,

Founder, HTS Business School.

Founder, Youth Initiative for National Transformation.

Author, How They Started.

Edited and adapted by Wonuola Olawale for http://www.wonu-ideas.com readers.

Ever wonder?

So I’m writing something in between poetry and prose. Something that somewhat expresses the innermost, yet conservative side of the writer, perhaps the blogger I am becoming with each typed letter.

Better is the end than the beginning, many say, maybe all agree. But what if nothings thwarts an end worse than its beginning? Ever wonder?

Letters revive souls than unspoken words, many believe, maybe you agree. But what if the unspoken hugs looks, smile or touches can be the resurrection divide between you and her? Ever wonder?

Naming is so much so that what we call whatever per time is what they become with time. What if names and time could be dimensions of our worlds? Ever wonder?

Aiming at heights in our daily lives keep us motivated and seems to give us a sense of we living for something. What if it’s all about looking at the height we currently at and seeking to simply love people and happiness from within? Ever wonder?

Wonder why you see things the way you see them?

Ponder on beliefs you have imbibed and soon you will entrain the fast-standing truths very deeply as they almost never fail their tests…

Ever wonder?

Protery- #wonu-ideas


Imagine you had the very things you keep imagining

Do you imagine the fulfillment as well?

Do you imagine the peace that comes or leaves as a result?

Do you imagine the feelings that rush after as well?

So I have imagined a lot of things and only the ones with feelings induced somehow get materialised

What if the imagination is only one dimension? You’ve only just drawn a lineimagine

Then the feelings in the second dimension? Now you beginning to give things length. This can of course can be positive or negative or expressed in different forms.

And the work you begin to do is the third dimension? Such that you simply have given your imaginations depth


What if this is the true definition of creation?

Think about any creation, whether Divine or man-made, that has not gone through these steps of dimensional substantiation.

When will you begin your imagination, feeling and workings?

From this part of the world,

Your blogger friend,

Wonuola Olawale.

When you begin to see further (2)

This is a sequel to When you begin to see further… and the interesting thing is this was inspired by a very deep conversation with a very good person of mine. Sometimes, we think inspirations or counsels are simply for one person, well, it could sometimes be. I hope this is for you, especially you.you.png

So remember the Joseph guy we were talking about previously? There’s an almost assured need for you to read Genesis 42 again if you have before and read with an open mind this time. Some new piece of information might jump at you. I mean literally jump at you (smiles). The need for this is for you especially to understand the place we’re coming from for this story to make the most sense.

So here is it after you have read both part 1 of this blog and Genesis 42:

Joseph on sale
And that’s someone’s dream looking exactly opposite

Something happened to the guy that was being sold, whose death was deliberated, whose ears were open while his brothers deliberated his death, whose eyes were wide open while he was thrown in the pit and for whom about 40 shekels were exchanged for his life and no real way or present outlook as at then of getting any of his “awesome” dreams come through. His past was fast becoming not the favorite child of his father, but soon to be chief slave , ex-convict and maybe most hated of his brethren. There was no actual reason to hate him, but they just did. Of course, sometimes, you wonder why love is not returned to you. This Joseph guy was the one who brought them food in the wild where they were pasturing, but he still wasn’t good enough. In fact, if you’re looking for the most positive attitude, you probably have found one in Joseph. So see some drift…

Imagine this were Joseph and now governor, probably it will help you imagine your dream too, even though not clear or direct now

Truthfully, it is also unheard for a prisoner or slave to be the second highest in Egypt, this was the world’s center of civilization and charisma. But when God who gives dreams decide to take your past and make your dreams what it really is, age, past and gender or ethnic placement or even societal dysfunctional hierarchy or class will suddenly mean nothing and that’s all that’s going to matter.

So why do I feel very strongly in my spirit to share this with you? Well, you have a dream just like I do! That dream can even seem almost marred by past mistakes. You may want to ask Abram (or Abraham now) or Jacob (yeah, he’s now known as Israel) or even Apostle Saul, sorry, I mean Paul and how God will do anything to make wise the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. So as I was saying, you do have a dream and the giver and maker of dreams knows best, dreams don’t have to be lost or forgotten. Stay in line and simply trust my dear. God has got your back. Stay in touch… and don’t you dare leave without either sharing this to another “you”, or dropping a comment or even pressing a like button. You know these things kind of have a way of making me- your pen-friend happy too, so let’s be happy together.

Hear from me later…

Your blog-friend,

Wonuola (winks).

Rethinking your Plans

It can be very tempting to hold on to old plans and think of it as having “great resolve”. However, there are times when you simply are better off shedding off those old no-going-forward plans, restructure them and think of the end in view. What exactly was I trying to achieve in the first place? What value drove me in making the initial plan? How can I improve quickly on the intricate parts and make a better informed pathway to fulfilment? A roof, an antique or a home?PLAN A_B

Here are some few tips I found extremely useful. I hope you do too…

  1. Stop deceiving yourself: I am sure you’re wondering how possible it is to look or steer deeply into your own soul and tell a lie inconsistent with your nature. How is that even sensible? Right? Well, let me tell you an example of a blatant lie you can tell to yourself. “This is just who I am”- Big LIE! When did you become that? How did you become “I AM” that you simply cannot make any improvement? Anyways, start from there and see how that affects your life plans or even small day-to-day executions.
    LIES we tell ourselves
  2. Give in not give up: This one is a bit tricky. The reason is this; there is a very fine line, in fact, almost none between compromise and giving in. Sometimes, however, to make a clearer difference that would suit the line of our discussion on rethinking your plans, we’ll take it that giving in is looking out to a bigger reward by letting go of “something less” while compromise is essentially letting go something grand in return for instant gratification or less reward. Now that we have sorted the difference, you can easily see why giving up your plans entirely is even way more awkward than giving in certain weak areas of your plan in search for a bigger purpose. An example of giving in would be the classic Kung Fu Panda “running away” to his father to learn how to master his chi during a time of war back “home” to found a way to conquer his most powerful foe. That is giving in for good. Not giving up and imagine he ran away to hide and not do anything. Anyway, I am sure you get the point already.never_give_up_quotes
  3. Steer your plan in the course of destination: There are map-use lessons you might find useful. But that’s not the point here, it is about claiming your right as captain and owner of your own life plan. No one else can help steer it. Simple! You own it! You know the destination! So why entrust your plan to someone else thinking they would love it so much and help you with figuring how to get anywhere close to “Canaan”? Well, it doesn’t work that way. Of course, counsels are very important and in fact, when godly and wise, they simply have helped me thus far and even rethinking and avoiding certain road-blocks I might have encountered if I went headlong without guidance. But the point remains that, regardless of how much intel you may require or backup service you get, you still have to own your plan because you are the CAPTAIN, full-stop!You-are-the-captain
  4. Know WHO is in charge: This last one is a bonus to those who care. It is about knowing who is truly in charge… Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. Proverbs 16:3  May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. Psalm 20:4 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:1131128-Henry-Ford-Quote-With-God-in-charge-I-believe-everything-will-work.jpg

See you soon…

Yours faithfully,

Wonuola Olawale.


You’re Happy, are they?

(Photo credit to Don Wind)
I’m sure you’re happy, but are they?

I don’t mean the less privileged 

Or the “lost” in this world who can’t find their way to their “source” (Talk for some other time)

Or the weighed-down and broken-hearted

No! I mean those you thought should be but who never really liked who you are

Yes! I said it.

They actually either like you for what you do or what you give or maybe like that you are against what they are against

Trust me, they are mostly great to have for your well-being

In fact, they are perfect to keep you on your toes.

But here lies the problem, if you mistake them for people who love you for who you are?

You are in deeper trouble than I anticipated

You expect them to be truly happy when you are happy

You lie. It’s not possible. Ask my friend, he told me of them too. 

They are sometimes seeking your next ditch. Not intentionally, but they think subconsciously you should fall soon because how can you have had it all figured out till now?

How should you have made it this far?

Won’t you fall anytime soon?

How can we actually be of help to this “have-it-all”?

They really don’t know your real story!

How can they?

They were not there when you fall, and try to walk again. 

They were not there when you even tried crawling and not sit in a place as expected.

They were not there when you bruised and hurt and even almost gave up!

They simply were not there!

So how do you expect them to be happy for you when you are now happy?

Are they your true family or friends?

Cos those are the only people I know will laugh when you do, cry when you cry, and be truly there for you.

Even though not always…

Let me surprise you a bit…

I know one friend, we met in 2007. I have probably been the worst friend to him but he just won’t leave me. He practically has kept all his promises. He is the only relationship I’ve kept so far that has taught me true love and helped sustained my other relationships. With family, people, work and even with my source. Some already know who I’m talking about. He took me off religion and traditional worship and taught me he has never come to judge me. People forget that and turn into my judges and accusers cos they only can be as their father the devil. I owe no one an apology today and this is it! His name is Jesus. Beautiful Jesus. He’s precisely the best that has ever happened to me. And for those yet to encounter him… My prayer is that you do and simply find one person who is really happy for you when you are truly happy.

These were a summary or rather excerpts from his words… (cannot afford to plagiarize my best friend and lover)

Very truly I tell you, we speak of what we know, and we testify to what we have seen, but still you people do not accept our testimony.  I have spoken to you of earthly things and you do not believe; how then will you believe if I speak of heavenly things?  No one has ever gone into heaven except the one who came from heaven—the Son of Man.  Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up,  that everyone who believes may have eternal life in him.”  For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son.

John 3:11‭-‬18 NIV


Thank you dear reader and hope you can truly find happiness to be able to love people for who they are rather than for weird things and then be happy for them…

Celebration of Family and Friends 

They are examples of people who would do anything to show their belief and support in our dreams. They love us, they care for us, They even scold and advise us, they stick with us. They are known as family and friends

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Annual General Report

I am Wonuola Olawale and my dream is to be all that God wants US to be. I am especially interested in people, land and energy. We can fulfil this together, stay tuned. Today marks my birthday and second year of wonu-ideas. (I feel shy a bit).

It’s all about human sustainability and energy.

Thank you all for making today a blessed day. We thank God Almighty for those who remain inspired by our stories. God has been so good. God is using us to bless more daily through http://www.wonu-ideas.com outreach and startup companies. The journey has been tough and rough but we keep moving because of you and your prayers.

Quick updates!

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