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Wealth Uncovered: The Secrets to Abundance – A Review

Authored by Wonuola Olawale, the book, “Wealth Uncovered: The Secrets to Abundance” takes a phenomenal kingdom-driven approach of learning by illustration and practice to the topic of wealth and value.

Wealth Uncovered: The Secrets to Abundance by Wonuola Olawale

She questions you to reflect on what you have. The book defines wealth as abundance of resources, connects to economics- the study of scarcity of resources, and value as the worth of resources.

Four main strategies are revealed in the myths debunked:

  • Active involvement in team building
  • Effective leadership
  • Long-term strategy thinking
  • Efficient risk management

She essentially summarizes wealth as a product of current, human, and supernatural resources. There’s even a life lesson about identifying human resources within the “zeros, ones, multiples, and negatives” brackets.

Importantly, she reveals seven secrets to wealth creation: 1. Preparation, 2. Amendment, 3. Planting, 4. Watering, 5. Weeding, 6. Harvesting, and 7. Delivery.

The author provides a thorough coverage around wealth creation and management in simple approachable terms. To access this book, reach out to the author via


What is more?

More can feel satisfying
Like more of this feeling
More of my good news
More of this grace

But then
More can feel overwhelming
Like more of this feeling
More of this news
More of this race

So then,
What is more?
Is it what you’re focused on or what you’re comparing with?
More can be…


The past from the future

I had just finished reading an article about slavery and the undertones at the time. I felt all sort of emotions. Pain. How did these people feel? Pity. How could any sect have stooped so low to sell fellow beings? Disgust. Shouldn’t the buyers have known better than to commodify humans? Anger. What made the business boom and why did some think this was divinely ordered by demon gods? Laughter. This one I didn’t see coming! But yes! Laughter at what the future generations might have to say about us.

These are examples of what I saw in my head. What kind of generation would not have mixed gender football teams even as a trial on Fantasy football, yet claim gender equity efforts? Such backwardness!

What were they thinking? Driving cars and burning fossils? Who does that? Using trains when they could have thought of helipods? Having weddings on earth when all they had to do was enter their names into an online store?

Putting on shoes and killing several animals in the process of making hide and leather? Using water-flushed toilet systems? Eating out of plates when regenerative platform eating should be the trend? Such a wasteful and disrespectful generation!

All the traditions and customs as we know them being questioned and criticized simply because we’re in the past. I do the same sometimes with history when I look at the past from my now, their future.

Nothing made me more humble than the thoughts of how each generation continues to miss the mark, yet, blame the past generations. I saw how we have all fallen short and perhaps, could be the least socially just generation ever despite the seemingly unforgivable atrocities committed in the past.

It is true! We have all come short of the glory of God and were once darkness except through connection to Jesus, do we become light.

There’s almost nothing more fascinating to me right now than being judged by the past from the future. What would you say about this current generation if you were from the future?

Submissions by Wonuola Olawale.


All of you

Know that song by Legend too, right? Well, something struck me today. It’s short.

Imperfections can be perfectly beautiful and the perfections we seek can be nothing but imperfect.

Wonuola Olawale


Deep sighs on crossroads

What do you do when you’re at crossroads?

How do you move forward?

How do you pretend that the path you choose is meant for you?

Where do you know the route you choose will lead you to?

If you don’t believe in destinations, I am curious about how you are where you are.

It took definite decisions and choices between more than one option

So then, how do you know?

Some say, “not how long, but how well”

Do you really believe this?

If you do, why not ditch maps!

So, it means we intrinsically hate dilemmas.

We would rather have clarity of purpose and clearly defined destinies or destinations with well expounded pathways

Albeit, this is almost never the case. A situation where all the variables are outlined, known and clear.
So, what do one do?

Please don’t say algebra.😏
I know its limitations sometimes, the assumptions that you have a well thought out problem and ultimately a known destination can be troubling.
Especially when there’s no said metaphorical map, all we have an incline of is the similitude of where we would like to be.

Need I say that the crossroads I speak of are those decisions that could be life altering?
So, what do we do?

I leave this time again with no answers but more questions that I can answer. I may subscribe to the ideology of going to the all-knowing Father, but that may not be enough for you, so I leave you with questions. How do you deal with crossroads?

Perhaps, you might help me and others who are curious about what can help define life purpose or destinies…


Time for colors


Notes from the heart to women

As Women on a Mission (A platform/network/WhatsApp page I created few years ago), missions need equipment. And as women, our being equipped is most important as a team, yet as individuals. As led in my spirit, I would like to learn more, yet pass on certain virtues in my lifetime and I know this is important to not just me but all of us (Women on a Mission).

With this in mind, it is also said, show me your friend and I’ll show who you are. Two, evil communication corrupts good manners while good communication enhances good manners.

My point: Aside adding some more “women” on the page and some structure/flexibility to Women on a Mission, I want to see women grow based on your suggestion and inputs.

For instance, a broader perspective on certain issues that remain close to our hearts as Women on a Mission e.g. career choice, relationship with God, relationship with workmates, or “spouse” or intended partners, business, e-commerce, travels, etc. Or a time for prayer requests and testimonies. Perhaps, weekly nuggets. Maybe develop membership and network management such that each person on the network is well known with progress records towards chosen mission on a quarterly base. These are things that should help.

Call to action: suggest reasons why women seem to be ill-equipped for their missions.

Yours sincerely in growth,
Wonuola Olawale.


I have a dream…

Who can tell my dreams?


Does anything ever end?

I’m sure we’re so used to the cinematic caption, “the end”, that we hardly question if anything really ends. As usual, I question the status quo not to front social rebellion but to promote healthy positive changes as we question seemingly mundane things.

Just thought this is something for discussions. Does anything ever end? Is everything not just cyclic?

I wonder if anyone has similar questions… please feel free to share too.


Amazing Woman

What makes her amazing?
She’s got this love for God and people that is more or less contagious
She would cheer you up even if she’s sinking literally
She’s the definition of selfless
She has this unconditional love even for “outsiders”
She’s always thinking of how to “adopt” more kids to God’s kingdom and even has more children than you can count
She would give her all no matter what
She’s my mother!

Seriously, others get so tired at the ninth month
For some reason, I enjoyed almost eleven months and she still patiently loves me
There are many times I just do some super annoying things, yet, she’s just patient and kind
She’s my superwoman, making the love of God real to me everyday
I wish we could give you the world, but it’s not ours to give
So we’ll give you our words
Thank you mother!

You’re an amazing woman, mother, lover, sister, friend and so much more!
You’re deeply celebrated ma.
Happy birthday mum!