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Wealth Uncovered: The Secrets to Abundance – A Review

Authored by Wonuola Olawale, the book, “Wealth Uncovered: The Secrets to Abundance” takes a phenomenal kingdom-driven approach of learning by illustration and practice to the topic of wealth and value.

Wealth Uncovered: The Secrets to Abundance by Wonuola Olawale

She questions you to reflect on what you have. The book defines wealth as abundance of resources, connects to economics- the study of scarcity of resources, and value as the worth of resources.

Four main strategies are revealed in the myths debunked:

  • Active involvement in team building
  • Effective leadership
  • Long-term strategy thinking
  • Efficient risk management

She essentially summarizes wealth as a product of current, human, and supernatural resources. There’s even a life lesson about identifying human resources within the “zeros, ones, multiples, and negatives” brackets.

Importantly, she reveals seven secrets to wealth creation: 1. Preparation, 2. Amendment, 3. Planting, 4. Watering, 5. Weeding, 6. Harvesting, and 7. Delivery.

The author provides a thorough coverage around wealth creation and management in simple approachable terms. To access this book, reach out to the author via

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When you begin to see further…

The Joseph dream usually causes inconvenience even to yourself sometimes. Many say the wise thing should be to keep your dreams to yourself and have a peaceful life. Of course, I used to want to think so until I realised two things.

1. How would they know when it comes to pass or even get to do the exact things that would get you there regardless of the hate and envy?

2. You don’t just have dreams, they have you too. Let me sorta explain this to you in a way I can. Imagine you had a mum, somehow you think you have to have her as a mum, but she (if she’s good mum of course), thinks more importantly of having you as her child. 

That reminds me, Happy Mothers’ Day. May God bless all the great mums who continually sacrifice everything to make our dreams come true. (And if you’re reading this mum, I love you so much and pray that God will continually show you his kindness and love far beyond your thinking :))

So yes, back to our gist, good dreams have you once you have them. They begin to keep you awake. Those are the first symptoms. You might even end up in some funny looking pit with your brothers, your colleagues, your so-called Christian brothers or even partners contemplating your death methods and stripping you off your colourful attire, your pride, your attachments to family, your sense of identity and whatever you thought was valuable to you. But you see? There’s a spirit behind good dreams, that infinite source who gives them. That spirit that has all things working together for good to them that love Him who sent the spirit and are called according to purpose usually through a dream or vision. Ask Paul, he’ll tell you how his vision had him and turned him away from the very people he had steadfastly believed and followed for the most of his life, whom he killed for and suddenly was killed for his one single vision or encounter. That’s of course some interesting angle about visions having a hold on you and then you’ll somehow know for certain where you are going. It will cause you to reject some people no matter how good they seem-the Portiphar’s wife. They are spouses of important personalities, just not yours anyways. They are the powerful and mighty promising you heaven and earth. They are sometimes called “maga” or “sugar mummy or daddy” to some who have forgotten their dreams. They are the devils asking you to bow in return for kingdoms and fame. But you know what? The reply is still the same, “how will I do this and offend the God who gave me a dream?”. “I serve only God and no other god”. “Thou shall worship only the Lord thy God”.

And trust me, it doesn’t pay off instantly. In fact, you just might be heading straight to the prison, or be hungrier for it or running for your dear life or just something not rewarding you instantly for your integrity. It’s okay. Your dream still hasn’t changed. It has you and you have it. It will translate to you understanding and even interpreting relevant dreams, it usually leads to other dreams or visions birthed in others, like John’s revelational knowledge confirmed with heavens opening to confirm Jesus’ sonship or Paul being led to other Christians to whom it has been revealed beforehand the kind of intention God was working out. It may seem like forever or even seventeen years but dreams don’t fade as long you have them and let them have you too.

Of course, not everyone dreams. It’s simple, a river not connected to the source can never be called a river. Neither can a leaf remain nourished except attached to its plant nor the plant except to its roots. What I’m saying is, there’s usually a connection or relationship between the dream source or the dream giver to keep a dream alive and that’s when you know where you are going!

Your friend and leadservant-in-training,


See you next time. I hope you have a dream that has you too 🙂

References: The Bible, my dream to inspire.develop.employ.acticate young minds, my experiences and relationships with the wonderful people God continues to bring my way.

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#90Bill Heroes not Zeros

Second Announcement

#90Bill gained public momentum on the 1st of June, 2016.

By 2nd of June, #90Bill of the public, funded by the public, sponsored for the public pronounced  Oluwasegun Neto as true Nigerian and First 9gerian Private Hero 2016. 

22nd August signifies the day we pronounce Mikel Obi as true Nigerian and celebrate him as 9gerian Public Hero 2016. For his resilience and will to getting the best possible. This act won Nigeria an Olympic medal at Rio 2016 regardless the neglects and several excuses for failure.

Celebrate him and remember #90Bill states that It is your right as Nigerian to give 100% quality and take no less than 9/10  as a Nigerian in every way”. It summarises your Right as a Nigerian to Productivity, Quality and Responsibility.

What this also implies is that it is socially criminal to invest or buy elsewhere when a 9gerian can give more than 90% quality performance and more criminal to give less than 90% quality. Take 90, Give 90. You are hereby publicly declared 9gerian.

With tweet having over a thousand retweets and >9/10 creativity and ingenuity, Mikel Obi has the right to invoke the #90Bill in his future transactions and stop “shit” from repeating. It is your Right to Productivity and Quality. Congratulations John Michael Obinna and congratulations also to the team.

Nominations are by public votes. 
Be a #90Bill Hero not Zero.

Reporting live for #90Bill

Founder and Sponsor of #90Bill Movement,

Wonuola Olawale

Send nominations via tweets at #90Bill. Celebrating the living true Nigerians…

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 The BlackWhite Spell

Some might find this very article particularly controversial. Especially when the need to classify and “polarize” has been taught as the very fabric of our nature. Until we understand the very idea of these men, Einstein and Jesus, we only then live in the black and white world. Like literally, no “coloured” habitat! Forget the technological advancements we as humans have made in colour nomenclature, telecommunications, photography and television/smart displays… We somehow forgot ourselves behind and got into less than a particular number of categories. We managed to name over 20,000 apple species, 340 dog breeds, 36-38 cat types yet grappling with numbering whether to classify ourselves as species or races or languages or colour or whatever. Mind you, there are over ten million colours distinguishable by the human sight and only five hundred yet named. Also remember that somehow as you climb the pyramid of life, it is either one or the all. Again, masters or slaves, good or bad, poor or rich, always looking for where to belong…

Back to the important ideas; Einstein summarized time and space as no longer two distincts but one single spacetime fabric, and Jesus likewise declared, “…the twain shall become one” and later said with clarity, “…the way, the truth and life..” All one! 
So here comes the spell. Wait for it!
Oh! Sorry, for the sake of academic reference and no plagiarism, find the spell references below also insightful… 

Then Isaac his father answered, Your [blessing and] dwelling shall all come from the fruitfulness of the earth and from the dew of the heavens above; By your sword you shall live and serve your brother. BUT [the time shall come] when you will GROW RESTIVE and break loose, and YOU SHALL TEAR his yoke from off your neck.
Genesis 27:39‭-‬40 AMP

In essence, the white-blacks and the black-whites do have to GROW RESTIVE, take Responsibility and decide to be Productive for ourselves while making Quality the watchword.
Maybe until I prove my theory of everything and that all is one and one is all somewhat “scientifically”, maybe then you’ll understand the INFINITY we live in.

Wonuola Olawale

Sources: The Bible, my S.H.A.P.E. (hopefully speak on this someday), Google and Wikipedia.

Side note:
Ehen? Haba, lemme alone, it’s the truth, someone had to say it!

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The “Referendum”

Change when demanded, maybe overrated or inaccurately defined, can be very subtle. Go to a country where the spring of revolution supported by referendum few years ago and get shocked by the outcome today. A decision to opt out inadvently leads to death by hanging. Did you make that decision? Were you part of the party when it was called? Absolutely not! What happened? 98 percent of the people back then thought it was the right and perfect decision to make for the coming generation. Was this the expected outcome? Obviously not. A referendum is usually and if not always, generated and advanced towards a certain “biased” per-determined outcome. Statistical history and backing points of predictions of what such expected decisions are sold to the public. The masses often out of patriotic thoughts go with the YES referendum. Why? Predictions and fortunetelling of woe of a NO is picked is foretold. Who wants that for their children? Well, the problem is if economic and social forecasts were by chance more than fifty percent true most of the times, oil price should be $150 per barrel rather than the grappling less than $40 today. The choice to pick a different option as should suit a different style and system of people can be taken away without permission through referendums. Trapped and unable to make a difference given an unpleasant outcome by future generations quickly become reality. This especially is true when no planned referendum for the future is made. And of course, it makes no sense to say yes today and then no tomorrow. But then, it is not us who will be around tomorrow facing the brunt of yesterday’s decisions. Educating the minds of people based on one side of the coin is also simply saying “say YES or die”. These unfortunately are the methods of promoting referendums. Alternative routes and way-out mechanism of either options not only create a fair system but true freedom of choice and a healthy generation of happy people living not by the consequences of past mistakes but by present decisions. Since referendums enables public votes, what happens to public debates and entrusted power of decision to government. Let’s not even get into that. In essence, I do not support a referendum that preaches one side leaving you no choice. I do not support referendum that takes the coming generation out of the question with no though of possible alternatives should the change now requested fails. I do not support the take-it-or-leave-it referendum.

My name is Wonuola who simply wants a fair system and future right to freedom of choice. I know several referendums coming up through nations, cartels, action groups, and even terrorist groups and some don’t even know, but they are here. What do we do? Drop the “GUNS”! Make a choice for US…not yourself!
#90Bill In every way. Share your content or discontent about anything. Give your 90 and demand for 90 as 9gerian

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Fear not!

Fear not!
What happened in Eden doesn’t have to repeat.
I am with you
The first Adam is dead
The second Adam is here
Always mediating on your behalf

Fear not!
I know the fear than you think
It’s scary when your Eden is right there, before you even do a thing
You are only asked to enjoy and multiply
Reap where you didn’t sow
And then God asks you to enter into his rest
How unimaginable!

Fear not!
How tempting to think fear is only of evil
But then severally, “fear not” is said in the presence of an angel
Good comes to the good…we’ve been told severally
But then he makes us righteous with no single effort on our part
He walks through the halves for our sake
Makes the everlasting covenant of blessing for and with us

Fear not!
Just what I and you need
When grace appears to us and the angel of mercy shows
Each day
About the many blessings he makes available
How his works makes us complete and gives us eternal joy

Fear not…
So says the Lord
For I am with you
Fear not!

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More than a prince…

It’s serious when you find out that you are far more than an ambassador! Can you imagine? Not even a prince. Cos someone who was prince of this world (John 14:30) aspired for more, king of kingdom, he didn’t get it! Then I on a platter of gold, (well the cross isn’t so golden) so i’ll say on a cross of wood was made KING so that my Father comes to be THE King of Kings. Whoa!

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No Secret

There is no secret ingredient to success. Yes! The secret to my secret ingredient is… nothing but the WORD. yes! I didn’t get it at first myself. So welcome to the secret of no secret.

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Operation World

Join the Operation World prayers today.
Mark 16:15. Luke 24:36-49, Acts 1:8

…The nations are there for the asking. God is calling you and me into the ministry of intercession for them. We have plenty of opposition in the heavenlies and from human powers and persecutors. The enemy will seek to frighten us with these and dangle allurements to distract us from the vision of a heavenly, eternal Kingdom filled with people from every race, tribe, people and tongue. Yet Jesus offers us a share in His reign. At times, we may look up to Him in agony, but we must see our true position – looking down with Him, exercising the authority bequeathed by Him in the Great Commission He has given to every Christian. May we become intercessors with a world vision that prays Satan-defeating, Kingdom-taking, people-reaching, captive-releasing, revival-giving, Christ-glorifying prayers…


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In a space of three hundred and sixty-five days, America will be judged. Except the seed of repentance is sown and returns to her source, the Lord God of Israel. Woe to him that puts his trust in man or chariots. This the Lord God has spoken. Jonah 3:4-5, Jeremiah 13:15-17, Deuteronomy 28:15-68, Proverbs 13:24, Psalms 4:5, isaiah 1:18-20, Psalms 62:10-12, Revelations 3:1-6

#AmericaRepent for thy Lord God is here to judge your deeds

This is a hard message for me and I hope that America returns to her first love, the Lord to avoid this coming judgement. That America would once again say “In God we Trust” and turn away from her sins. May the Lord God have mercy.
*never knew I would have to do this* Please join me in prayer of faith.