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We think we need something so badly, only to find it was only wishful thinking.

-Wonuola Olawale

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The “Referendum”

Change when demanded, maybe overrated or inaccurately defined, can be very subtle. Go to a country where the spring of revolution supported by referendum few years ago and get shocked by the outcome today. A decision to opt out inadvently leads to death by hanging. Did you make that decision? Were you part of the party when it was called? Absolutely not! What happened? 98 percent of the people back then thought it was the right and perfect decision to make for the coming generation. Was this the expected outcome? Obviously not. A referendum is usually and if not always, generated and advanced towards a certain “biased” per-determined outcome. Statistical history and backing points of predictions of what such expected decisions are sold to the public. The masses often out of patriotic thoughts go with the YES referendum. Why? Predictions and fortunetelling of woe of a NO is picked is foretold. Who wants that for their children? Well, the problem is if economic and social forecasts were by chance more than fifty percent true most of the times, oil price should be $150 per barrel rather than the grappling less than $40 today. The choice to pick a different option as should suit a different style and system of people can be taken away without permission through referendums. Trapped and unable to make a difference given an unpleasant outcome by future generations quickly become reality. This especially is true when no planned referendum for the future is made. And of course, it makes no sense to say yes today and then no tomorrow. But then, it is not us who will be around tomorrow facing the brunt of yesterday’s decisions. Educating the minds of people based on one side of the coin is also simply saying “say YES or die”. These unfortunately are the methods of promoting referendums. Alternative routes and way-out mechanism of either options not only create a fair system but true freedom of choice and a healthy generation of happy people living not by the consequences of past mistakes but by present decisions. Since referendums enables public votes, what happens to public debates and entrusted power of decision to government. Let’s not even get into that. In essence, I do not support a referendum that preaches one side leaving you no choice. I do not support referendum that takes the coming generation out of the question with no though of possible alternatives should the change now requested fails. I do not support the take-it-or-leave-it referendum.

My name is Wonuola who simply wants a fair system and future right to freedom of choice. I know several referendums coming up through nations, cartels, action groups, and even terrorist groups and some don’t even know, but they are here. What do we do? Drop the “GUNS”! Make a choice for US…not yourself!
#90Bill In every way. Share your content or discontent about anything. Give your 90 and demand for 90 as 9gerian

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Do the RIGHT thing

Just do the right thing! START.
That’s the idea…innovate.develop.employ.allow

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“Stop pushing me. I don’t appreciate being pushed. You keep telling me to start. But I’m yet to be ready. Even though my mates have started, the pressure you are putting at me to start is getting me even less enthusiastic about beginning a thing.” these were the words of Bideka when her friend told her about Start. 2015. Three years gone, different businesses had started, grown and far beyond the shores of Nigeria. Thousands have heard about Start. Millions touched by the jobs created. Nigeria’s economy blooming through the ‘one-man’s who decided to START. Bideka wished she requested an invite on that year when she saw her friend who started a financial institution that same year. That her friend had grown to be one of the wealthiest ladies in town through a redefinition of savings culture for the average African. Another of her colleague had become a super modelling agent. The one that caught her fancy was the one she heard of that got funding from the pitching session to start the energy company. They were now on the TV as the one of fastest growing energy companies. Bideka’s mind skipped a beat when she tuned the radio and heard the voice of a presenter. The presenter referred to his turning point being the day he heard one of the speakers at Start. 2015 say communication transcends the art of speaking but also giving the listener a life. Tears rolled down Bideka’s face as she finally realised she needed the push in 2015. Every other person seems to have started and left her behind. She knew she couldn’t have been less ready if she decided to be ready. She knew the pressure couldn’t have killed her if she gave in to start. She knew it was the right decision to make if she only begun the race. 
There have been several Bidekas. There are many Bidekas. There would be plenty of Bidekas. The punch lines may only be fifty shades of Bideka. But there are fifty reasons, fifty speakers, fifty stories to Start. There are also one thousand people, one thousand ideas and one thousand places to start. There are three days, three places and three conferences to Start. Start. 2015 is only the beginning. 

‎Bideka is totally imaginated and does not refer to any particular person, living or dead. Any similarity with anyone’s real name should please be discarded.

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One Man…

Was specially dedicated to Dr. D. K. Olukoya

One personality…it took to say the word
and then it created a world… one God
One man… it took to start a race
and that made mankind’s first phase… one Adam
One man… it took to believe in a power higher
and offered accepted sacrifice before branded the first matyr… one Abel
One man… it took to save all animal forms
and also deliver the humans till time comes… one Noah
One man… it took to father all nations
and to believe the God of all creations… one Abraham
One man… it took to save us all
and be our one ticket out of eternal fall… one Jesus
One man… it took to spread the good news
and be the revolution to all Jews… one Peter
One man… it took to listen to the Master’s voice
and become the herald to all race making even Gentiles God’s choice… one Paul
One man… it took to reform a new generation of youths
and promote world-class education in private universities with deep roots… one Oyedepo
One man… it took to hear from His God audibly
and transform prayer methods permanently… one Olukoya
One man… it took to establish a kind of kingdom
and transition from darkness to light all form… one Wonuola
One man… it took, regardless gender, to START his/her dreams
and ascend beyond visions’ beams… one you
One man… START

-Opeoluwa Olawale