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The “Referendum”

Change when demanded, maybe overrated or inaccurately defined, can be very subtle. Go to a country where the spring of revolution supported by referendum few years ago and get shocked by the outcome today. A decision to opt out inadvently leads to death by hanging. Did you make that decision? Were you part of the party when it was called? Absolutely not! What happened? 98 percent of the people back then thought it was the right and perfect decision to make for the coming generation. Was this the expected outcome? Obviously not. A referendum is usually and if not always, generated and advanced towards a certain “biased” per-determined outcome. Statistical history and backing points of predictions of what such expected decisions are sold to the public. The masses often out of patriotic thoughts go with the YES referendum. Why? Predictions and fortunetelling of woe of a NO is picked is foretold. Who wants that for their children? Well, the problem is if economic and social forecasts were by chance more than fifty percent true most of the times, oil price should be $150 per barrel rather than the grappling less than $40 today. The choice to pick a different option as should suit a different style and system of people can be taken away without permission through referendums. Trapped and unable to make a difference given an unpleasant outcome by future generations quickly become reality. This especially is true when no planned referendum for the future is made. And of course, it makes no sense to say yes today and then no tomorrow. But then, it is not us who will be around tomorrow facing the brunt of yesterday’s decisions. Educating the minds of people based on one side of the coin is also simply saying “say YES or die”. These unfortunately are the methods of promoting referendums. Alternative routes and way-out mechanism of either options not only create a fair system but true freedom of choice and a healthy generation of happy people living not by the consequences of past mistakes but by present decisions. Since referendums enables public votes, what happens to public debates and entrusted power of decision to government. Let’s not even get into that. In essence, I do not support a referendum that preaches one side leaving you no choice. I do not support referendum that takes the coming generation out of the question with no though of possible alternatives should the change now requested fails. I do not support the take-it-or-leave-it referendum.

My name is Wonuola who simply wants a fair system and future right to freedom of choice. I know several referendums coming up through nations, cartels, action groups, and even terrorist groups and some don’t even know, but they are here. What do we do? Drop the “GUNS”! Make a choice for US…not yourself!
#90Bill In every way. Share your content or discontent about anything. Give your 90 and demand for 90 as 9gerian


By Wonuola Olawale

Its all about human sustainability and energy.
Meet WonuOla.OlaWale. She is a social energy entrepreneur. She loves God and his people. She blogs to help "idea" young minds i.e. inspire.develop.employ.activate. She was the Business Intelligence Director/Initiator, now Board Chairperson of her own company, Sixters Energy. She also worked as a Project Manager for RootHub, a fast growing entrepreneurial hub community while she served as a Research Personnel with the University of Uyo in service to her country Nigeria. She has had several international experiences including working with Chevron, interfacing with Shell, and worked on international energy projects across the globe including CCS- carbon capture and sequestration in the United Kingdom, Flow Assurance in China and Enhanced Oil Recovery projects in the United States. She enjoys reading, smiling and meeting people. She's an advocate of gender equity and not equality. An avid supporter of non-stereotypes and a lifestyle of excellence. She is who you want to talk to in developing lasting solutions in the field of energy and human sustainability.

Wonuola Olawale es me llamó

One reply on “The “Referendum””

So far, we should be able to have referendums that include a process of primarily educating the people and engaging debates that are open and unbiased.
I believe the generation to enforce a radical change to the non-inclusive systems of government and leadership.
The people should not be limited to just saying yes or no or selecting candidates periodically. They can and should be empowered to also join the discussion and not just the decision and bring lucrative and productive suggestions to the table for all to learn.
I say hello to a better world and hello to a better Nigeria.
Olawale. #90Bill


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