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Wealth Uncovered: The Secrets to Abundance – A Review

Authored by Wonuola Olawale, the book, “Wealth Uncovered: The Secrets to Abundance” takes a phenomenal kingdom-driven approach of learning by illustration and practice to the topic of wealth and value.

Wealth Uncovered: The Secrets to Abundance by Wonuola Olawale

She questions you to reflect on what you have. The book defines wealth as abundance of resources, connects to economics- the study of scarcity of resources, and value as the worth of resources.

Four main strategies are revealed in the myths debunked:

  • Active involvement in team building
  • Effective leadership
  • Long-term strategy thinking
  • Efficient risk management

She essentially summarizes wealth as a product of current, human, and supernatural resources. There’s even a life lesson about identifying human resources within the “zeros, ones, multiples, and negatives” brackets.

Importantly, she reveals seven secrets to wealth creation: 1. Preparation, 2. Amendment, 3. Planting, 4. Watering, 5. Weeding, 6. Harvesting, and 7. Delivery.

The author provides a thorough coverage around wealth creation and management in simple approachable terms. To access this book, reach out to the author via

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