Chat nuggets

Few nuggets I got while looking through old chats. It may feel disjointed, but there’s something for each one:

Not these nuggets! *winks*

We start in faith, we continue in knowledge, we end in experience… selah!

It’s always not so clear when you’re on the chosen and right path, it’s more or less when you look back and see that Daddy’s always got it all figured because he ain’t in time. He’s not a dead God. We know we die because we live in time. Time defined our death. But he’s a living God! Not dead! Not timed! He’s out of time, he sees it all! That’s why the “mortal” man can’t understand God or his ways

I got my long-awaited answer. What is our purpose? Fulfilling our purpose: man in the image of God is the completion of creation and fulfilment of rest

Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

As HE IS so ARE WE in this world. Selah!

Father, it’s you or nothing

What are your chats telling you?🤗


By Wonuola Olawale

Its all about human sustainability and energy.
Meet WonuOla.OlaWale. She is a social energy entrepreneur. She loves God and his people. She blogs to help "idea" young minds i.e. inspire.develop.employ.activate. She was the Business Intelligence Director/Initiator, now Board Chairperson of her own company, Sixters Energy. She also worked as a Project Manager for RootHub, a fast growing entrepreneurial hub community while she served as a Research Personnel with the University of Uyo in service to her country Nigeria. She has had several international experiences including working with Chevron, interfacing with Shell, and worked on international energy projects across the globe including CCS- carbon capture and sequestration in the United Kingdom, Flow Assurance in China and Enhanced Oil Recovery projects in the United States. She enjoys reading, smiling and meeting people. She's an advocate of gender equity and not equality. An avid supporter of non-stereotypes and a lifestyle of excellence. She is who you want to talk to in developing lasting solutions in the field of energy and human sustainability.

Wonuola Olawale es me llamó

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