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Meet Wonuolawale

She loves God and his people. Blogging to help innovate.develop.employ.allow young minds. She is the Business Intelligence Director/Initiator of her company, Sixters Energy. She worked as a Project Manager for Start ( with RootHub, a fast growing entrepreneurial hub community while she serves as a Research Personnel with the University of Uyo in service to her country Nigeria. She enjoys reading, smiling and meeting people. Advocate of gender equity and not equality. Supporter of non-stereotypes. Wonuola Olawale is her name…

Energy Technology

Energy abstract?

The ability to do work- energy. Is that it? “Canness” to do work? Ability? As in being able? Ability, the abstract noun? Does that imply energy too is abstract? An abstract noun can only be observed with no interaction with the five senses- sight, smell, sound, feel or taste. What powers these senses or organs to even do their “work”? Did someone just answer some form of chemical energy stored in the nervous system? Hmmm…

Well, no intention to stir an argument for or against the “abstractness” of energy. This is simply a pointer; there’s so much to the word energy when you think about it. Able to think of a world or your world without energy? I guess not! You even needed the ability to do the work of thinking- creative energy.

In short, the idea is… think energy, think ability.

Business Business Ideas

Drop or stick to the idea

Leave this idea. It’s dumb. Stay with it. You’ve worked so hard on this. How long can you hang on? What if it’s just a waste of your time? What if this is my biggest idea and it gets bigger? It’s too early to start. It’s too late to start. What if this is just the right time? What if it cannot wait any longer? What about your start-up capital? What about the human resources, entrepreneurial skills and mind capital you have? All these thoughts clouding your judgement?

The idea is… you either drop or stick to the idea!

No Religion

Day 192: Infinite Days of Gratitude

The day finally comes…to be infinitely grateful to the one supreme supernatural being who birthed the idea of Wonuola Olawale into earth. thank you Lord for my existence, my way of life and grace to proclaim you to the uttermost parts of the earth. It’s my “branday”.
Also, thank you Jesus for Wonuola Olawale as a brand that would touch lives, make a difference in her generation and help people rediscover themselves just as you are helping me find myself.
And finally, thank you for the millions who will be touched through Wonuola Olawale.
You can also join in the euphoria of gratitude as the truth is… you do have something to be grateful for.



The brand Wonuolawale…

It’s like a puzzle… piecing this million pieces together. Daunting at first! You think it’s impossible. You feel overwhelmed. You almost can throw in the towel. Good thing is I found out you are my one missing piece. Yes! You. Helping young minds realize their dreams becoming all they want to be while I realize mine in providing cheaper, readily-available energy supply is the solution. That’s it! That’s most about Wonuolawale…

The idea is innovate. develop. employ. allowRAD_Puzzle-Photo